100% Patient satisfaction in PHIN survey

August 2023

All private healthcare activity in the UK is assessed and published by the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN). This is an independent, government-mandated organisation publishing performance and fees information about private consultants and hospitals. Mr Harris’s operation data and fees have been published for several years, although PHIN have recently expanded their activity to include patient questionnaire feedback. This feedback is carried out by PHIN independent of Mr Harris.

We are pleased to announce that this initial survey has shown 100% patient satisfaction from those 57 patients questioned by PHIN. The detailed breakdown of the questions and results can be found here.

“I am so pleased to see this satisfaction survey results produced independently by PHIN. We work very hard to make sure that the patient experience is a top-quality one for all patients that come through the practice, and I believe this survey together with my online reviews reflect this.” says Mr Harris.