A breast enlargement or augmentation procedure involves the use of specially designed implants to improve the size and appearance of the breasts. The reasons for breast enlargement vary but are commonly to enlarge the overall size of the bust, to match up differently sized breasts or to normalise the breast shape and volume consequences of weight loss, ageing and pregnancy.

Breast implants can be either saline or silicone, round or tear-drop shaped, and placed under or over the chest muscle. Hence, not all breast augmentation operations are the same and a full consultation is needed with the surgeon who will undertake the procedure.

Breast augmentation has come a long way since first undertaken in the 1960’s and is a very popular operation. We now have many more options available, and far greater understanding of the long term consequences of breast implants.

The history of breast implants has been sadly marred by a series of scandals which means that it’s more important than ever to consult with a reputable surgeon to ensure you are fully informed of the options and all the possible complications.

In contrast to many surgeons, Mr Harris takes a very individualised, bespoke approach to all of his patients. He explores desired outcome, and shares lots of photographs of similar patients who have agreed to have their images used to gain an accurate assessment of the patients desired outcome.

All implants have pros and cons and there is no perfect breast implant despite what some breast implant companies advertise. It’s also important to recognise that breast augmentation will not be life-long, with implants lasting, on average, around 12 years. Additional surgery will therefore be needed at some stage in the future.

Breast implants can be combined with an uplift operation, and Mr Harris increasingly uses fat transfer to provide additional soft-tissue coverage to reduce the visibility problems that some implants have. This combination of fat transfer and silicone breast implants is called hybrid or composite breast augmentation.

Despite the potential problems, if considered carefully, breast augmentation is a very good procedure for patients, with a high level of post-operative satisfaction and lots of reports of increased self-confidence.

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