Whilst a breast uplift operation is extremely effective, one of the difficulties is that the breast can descend again over time. This is a particular problem for those patients who have relatively heavy breasts or significantly damaged skin from several pregnancies or weight loss for example.

For this reason, Mr Harris sometimes recommends supporting the uplift with dissolving mesh. In this situation, he performs a standard uplift, but then inside the breast, mesh is overlayed on the gland to act like an internal bra.


It’s important to recognise that this is not the same mesh that has created so many problems in bladder operations. That was permanent mesh that lasted for years and years.

Over time, the mesh completely dissolves away and is replaced by new collagen formation, which recreates the supporting framework of the breast. There is no foreign material left in the breast, so this does not affect future mammograms or self-examination.

Mr Harris has been using a particular dissolving mesh called GalaFLEX for almost 10 years. This mesh has also been used in the abdomen for over 20 years and there have been no long problems because it completely dissolves away.

An animation has been added below to demonstrate the principles of the surgery and there is a link to the product website above. The use of mesh has transformed an uplift operation in Mr Harris’s practice because of the improved longevity of the results.