The Rise of Mini Boob Jobs and Slimplants: Enhancing Natural Beauty

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in the field of cosmetic breast surgery towards the “mini boob job” and “slimplants”. These procedures focus on enhancing and refining the natural beauty of a woman’s breasts, providing subtle yet noticeable improvements without the need for extensive surgery. In this article, I thought it important to take a deeper dive into the world of mini boob jobs and slimplants, discussing their benefits, considerations, and the increasing popularity of these procedures.

As the aesthetic trends change over time, we are definitely moving into an era of smaller breasts being more attractive. This fits with healthier lifestyles and a trend towards wellbeing. The 1980’s and 1990’s look of large fake breast implants has most certainly passed and the majority of patients now desire a very natural, elegant look from their breast implants. I am seeing such requests from patients who have never had implants before and many patients who want to downsize their current implants.

The terms mini boob job and slimplants both imply the use of small breast implants but there are subtle differences.

Mini Boob Job

Mini boob jobs, also referred to as mini breast augmentations, are designed to provide modest size and shape enhancements to the breasts. This procedure involves using smaller implants or fat transfer techniques to add volume and achieve a more proportionate appearance. Mini boob jobs are ideal for women who desire a subtle change, such as correcting asymmetry, enhancing cleavage, or restoring breast volume lost due to pregnancy or weight loss.


Slimplants, on the other hand, are a type of breast augmentation specifically designed to provide a natural-looking result with a slimmer profile. Unlike traditional implants, which can sometimes create a rounder or fuller look, slimplants are intended to create a more streamlined and slender breast contour. They are an excellent option for women seeking a subtle enhancement while maintaining a naturally athletic or slender physique.

One of the primary advantages of mini boob jobs and slimplants is that they deliver natural-looking results. These procedures aim to enhance existing breast tissue, complementing the body’s contours rather than drastically altering them. The smaller implant sizes and tailored placement techniques contribute to a subtler, more proportionate outcome.

One of the fundamental distinctions here is that the natural breast supporting anatomy, such as the infra-mammary fold and outer border of the breast is not disrupted when using smaller implants. Traditional breast augmentation damages these anatomical boundaries which can lead to a very unnatural result. Eventually when the implants are removed many years later, the breast can also be extremely damaged necessitating reconstructive surgery. When carrying out a mini boob job or slimplants with smaller implants, the ligamentous supporting framework of the breast is protected and hence the result is not only much more natural but also removal is much more straightforward.

Mini boob jobs and slimplants offer a personalised approach to breast enhancement. I take into account each patient’s unique body shape, desired outcome, and lifestyle to create a customised treatment plan. This individualised approach ensures that the results align with the patient’s aesthetic goals while maintaining a harmonious balance with their overall physique.

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Whilst it might appear much easier to achieve a natural result by simply using smaller implants, it’s actually not so straightforward. Much of this is to do with implant dimensions and placement. If the volume of an implant is reduced, then often so is the area that it covers. Placing a very small implant in a broader breast can look like a golf ball sticking out of the breast which can make the overall breast aesthetic very strange. Thus, implants that have less forward projection, maintaining a proportionate width perform better for most patients.

Many patients who request small implants are also usually quite athletic with relatively thin soft-tissue to disguise or hide their implant edges. Careful planning is therefore needed with not only a broader range of implants used than would be usual but also I have found 3D photographic simulation essential in this patient group to achieve consistent results.

To achieve greater implant coverage and fewer visibility problems like noticeable rippling of an implant, I usually recommend placing the implant partially under the muscle in a dual plane technique. However, this can lead to some movement of the implant, known as animation deformity, during exercise. The combination of fat transfer with the implant, known as Hybrid or Composite Breast Augmentation, can also be very helpful in this patient group with an athletic physique.

Shaped or round implants?

I use anatomical (also known as shaped or teardrop) implants for breast reconstruction and many breast augmentation patients in my practice. One might assume these implants to be helpful when selecting for mini boob jobs or slimplants, however at lower implant sizes the actual variation from the top to bottom of these implants is far less, hence the advantage of the shape is lost. Furthermore, the concept of a shaped implant is that it is used to define the breast shape, whereas in a mini boob job we are simple enhancing the natural shape of the breast that already exists not redefining it.

Textured or smooth implants?

When using smaller implants, I also favour smooth-surfaced silicone implants. Textured-surface implants tend to be more fixed in their position particularly when placed under the muscle. In contrast, smooth implants remain quite mobile after an initial settling down period. This normally produces a much more natural and subtle result which sits within the breast when naked and can be pushed up to enhance the cleavage when in a bra. Hence, the standard implant to choose with the group of slim patients is lower profile, round, smooth silicone implants.

In summary, mini boob jobs and slimplants have gained popularity due to their ability to enhance a woman’s natural beauty with subtle and personalised improvements. These procedures offer numerous advantages, such as natural-looking results and a tailored approach to each patient’s unique needs. However, it is essential to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon and thoroughly understand the procedure, potential risks, and post-operative care. Ultimately, mini boob jobs and slimplants can be transformative, empowering women to feel confident and beautiful while maintaining the integrity of their natural physique.

By Paul Harris | Mini boob jobs and Slimplants | Date of Publishing 28th July 2023