Best for Breasts in Tatler!

June 2016

Mr Harris has been selected to be “Best for Breasts” in the prestigious Tatler Magazine’s Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide for 2016.

Talter summarises Mr Harris’ approach as – “Sensible, square-jawed Harris divides his time between reconstructive work at the Royal Marsden Hospital (botched jobs and post-cancer reconstruction – his skill lies in creating a new breast using tissue from the tummy) and cosmetic work in the private sector (wives and mothers of his fellow surgeons swear by him). ‘My clientele are often fortysomething and still in fabulous shape, but their bosoms have deflated with age or from breastfeeding,’ he says. ‘They want to restore a natural shape – well proportioned and not too overprojected.’ His latest technique – a combination of an implant with an uplift – repositions the breasts higher on the chest wall and adds volume in the upper pole (above the nipple) to keep things looking pert. He’s also one of a handful of surgeons in the UK using the new Keller Funnel – a sort of sterile piping bag that helps the implant slip into the breast without unnecessary prodding or risk of infection”.