Specialists in Plastic Surgery

September 2021

Mr Harris is pleased to announce that a major change has taken place in the structure of his practice. Since leaving the National Health Service, Mr Harris has run a single-handed practice, based at The London Clinic. He has had many plastic surgeons in training spend time with him to learn some of the more challenging areas of aesthetic breast surgery. The long-term aim has also been for Mr Harris to form a group practice with some of these appropriately skilled surgeons once they had become independent consultants.

This year Mr Harris has joined with Mr Aadil Khan, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Royal Marsden Hospital and Mr Amir Sadri, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The new group, now called Specialists in Plastic Surgery (SPS), will combine administrative and clinical governance structures to offer a comprehensive service in all areas of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. As Mr Harris is the senior partner in the new group, he will mentor the less experienced consultants as they establish their individual practices. It is planned for this group to grow to 6 – 8 consultants in total and to remain at The London Clinic.

Mr Harris commented that “Group practices can be difficult to establish but they offer significant benefit to patients, in particular with economies of scale and greater peer-oversight of clinical governance (safety) systems. I will continue to run my practice as an individual surgeon for my patients but this will be backed with a greater safety and administrative framework. Patients can be reassured that no other consultants will be involved in their care but with pooled resources, they should have a much more streamlined experience of their surgical journey”.