New Medical Director of Private Care at The Royal Marsden Hospital

June 2015

Mr Harris has recently been appointed the Medical Director of Private Care at The Royal Marsden Hospital, where he holds his substantive consultant position. This is a two-year post aimed at providing a clinical input into non-NHS patient care. The Royal Marsden Hospital has a long history of providing both NHS and private care, with all of the profit from private care being recycled into the hospital to support NHS patients.

Mr Harris commented that, “Since the financial crisis in 2008, the Government’s payment for NHS care has only covered approximately 80% of the actual cost and hence most NHS Trusts in the UK are in the red. The Royal Marsden has been able to maintain financial viability by growing the non-NHS work and cross subsidising the service. We hope to develop this further to give our NHS and private patients access to the latest developments in cancer care. This role will enable me to help shape future developments and make sure that the hospital remains a world leader in cancer treatments.”