Major Publication Accepted in 3D Imaging

April 2015

As a member of the breast and plastic surgery research team at The Royal Marsden Hospital, Mr Harris has been involved in the review of all three-dimensional (3D) surface imaging systems available for clinical use in breast surgery. This publication has been accepted by the prestigious medical journal ‘Breast’ and is due to be released in 2015.

Mr Harris commented that “3D imaging is not only becoming an integral part of the pre-operative assessment, surgical planning and outcome evaluation for all types of breast surgery, but it is now vitally important in the communication process between surgeon and patient. It provides a clear understanding of what the existing problems are and what the possible outcome might be, helping patients make an informed choice about surgery”.

Using an iPad mounted infra-red camera, Mr Harris is now able to offer instant 3D analysis and simulation for those patients considering breast augmentation. Personalised access is also provided for patients to view these images confidentially from their own electronic devices.