For this series, Mr Harris undertakes a revision breast implant and uplift procedure for a former model Emma B, and then undertakes a breast reduction for TV presenter Gail Porter.    

For this series, Botched Up Bodies moves on to “follow a team of top surgeons as they set about repairing the damage of British household names”. Mr Harris undertakes a revision breast uplift procedure in a singer and advises on some buttock injections that have gone wrong in a reality TV celebrity.

Season 5 of this documentary series continues to profile people whose cosmetic surgery procedures have gone disastrously wrong. In this series, Mr Paul Harris’ expertise is required to treat two patients – one with significant wound breakdown following a breast uplift procedure and another whose prior surgeries have resulted in an horrendous scar problem.

Returning for a third series, Botched up Bodies follows some of the UK’s top corrective cosmetic surgeons as they treat patients, many of whom have previously undergone unsatisfactory cosmetic procedures. In this series Mr Harris performs two cases of revisional breast surgery to correct the results of prior substandard surgeries.

As part of Channel 5’s Cosmetic Surgery feature of the week, Mr Harris was an invited guest onto the News Desk to discuss the problems associated with Cosmetic Surgery Tourism. Being interviewed by Matt Barbet, he condemned the trivialisation of cosmetic surgery abroad and the lack of safeguards, including any form of psychological assessment.  

In this Channel 5 News special report, Mr Harris was interviewed alongside Amy Childs about the the pressure on young adults to look good, forcing some to turn to cosmetic surgery.

A documentary series that profiles some of Britian’s leading plastic surgeons in their efforts to correct cosmetic surgery disasters and give the victims a new lease of life. In this series, Mr Harris consults and operates on a gentleman who has suffered from uneven chest scars after prior substandard cosmetic surgery treatment.

A documentary series that follows some of Britian’s leading plastic surgeons in their efforts to correct cosmetic surgery disasters and give the victims a new lease of life. In this first series, Mr Harris removes excess skin from a patient who has had too much liposuction and then changes ruptured breast implants in a second patient.

In the first instalment of the cancer diaries Mr Harris performed breast reconstruction surgery on a 51 year old patient who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and had mastectomy in 2010.

This Channel 4 news items centred on the story of a young British woman who tragically died as a result of complications following buttock enhancement surgery in the USA. Mr Harris was quoted as a leading plastic surgery expert and warned of the risks associated with having unlicensed cosmetic surgical treatment abroad.

In an effort to redress the balance towards an ethical approach in Aesthetic Surgery, this program detailed the physical and psychological journeys of several patients considering surgery. As an independent Plastic Surgeon, Mr Harris explained the potential benefits and risks of many aesthetic procedures.

This documentary tracked the incredible story of Connie, an American patient who lost over 30 stone in weight after gastric bypass surgery. Following several operations in California to remove excess skin from her body, she travelled to London to consult with Mr Harris, requesting breast augmentation and brachioplasty (arm lift surgery).

Featured because of the development of a plastic surgery service at Clare Park Hospital in Farnham. Mr Harris spoke of his normal working week and how reconstructive and cosmetic surgery have a great deal in common.

This day-time programme followed fifteen women who had suffered emotional trauma because of their looks, through a total transformation with a combination of psychological counselling and major cosmetic surgery. Mr Harris was one of the three plastic surgeons invited to undertake the surgery.

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