Following Mr Harris’s appointment to become President of BAAPS, the Aesthetic Journal cover his plans for the future.

Mr Harris writes two articles and comments on a further in this special health supplement for The Guardian newspaper.

Mr Harris was once again named in Tatler’s guide to cosmetic surgery as “Best for Breast”.

Mr Harris undertook a breast reduction for celebrity Gail Porter and she openly tells how the operation changed her life both in the published press and ITV’s Loose Women.

As part of the Botched Up Bodies TV series, Mr Harris exchanged old implants and undertook a breast uplift for former model, Emma B. Emma tells of her earlier botched surgery and how important it has been to put things right.

Mr Harris was commissioned to write an Editorial in the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing to comment on how some of the bigger clinics in the UK were prioritising profit over patient safety. He called for the UK Government to legislate to clamp down on rogue clinics and surgeons.

Mr Harris was named in Tatler’s authoritative guide to cosmetic surgery in the UK as being one of five surgeons who are “best for breast”.

During his two year tenure as the Medical Director of Private Care, Mr Harris will focus on exploring growth opportunities in the private patient sector. Mr Harris is also profiled as a specialist in surgery – particularly for his breast reconstruction work and his role in gene therapy research, in collaboration with the Institute of Cancer Research.

Mr Harris comments on the advances that have taken place in plastic surgery from reconstructive procedures to treat war victims to the latest cosmetic surgery trends. He particularly explains that most of his cosmetic surgery patients no longer want to look ‘operated’ but rather prefer a fresher and healthier look.

Mr Harris comments on the advantages and risks of an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

Mr Harris’s patient tells her story of abdominal wall reconstruction using a tissue engineered product derived from calf skin, that has had all the cells removed (ADM). Mr Harris explains that this product is frequently used in breast reconstruction and other forms of tissue repair, particularly after cancer treatment.

Mr Harris’s patient tells of her experience with a tissue reconstruction from the inside thigh, with expert comment from Mr Harris.

Mr Harris writes an editorial in ‘The Word’ calling for greater collaboration between surgeons and cosmetic doctors to improve standards in the sector.

“They had to find a way to rebuild my womanhood”. One of Mr Harris’s patients tells her story of vulval reconstruction.

The plastic surgery apps which encourage women to see themselves post-procedure; but is the phenomenon a step too far in our body-conscious culture? Mr Harris provides expert commentary on the dangers of technology applications that trivialise the seriousness of undergoing life-changing cosmetic surgery procedures.

Mr Paul Harris comments on the advancements in reconstructive treatment options available for women with breast cancer.

A profile on some of The Royal Marsden surgeons, including Mr Paul Harris, who are performing groundbreaking procedures in the treatment of cancer.

“I lost a breast to cancer…. but surgeons made me feel beautiful again.” A former model’s brave account of why there is life after breast cancer. One of Mr Harris’s patients tells of the success of a DIEP flap breast reconstruction under his care.

Revealed: Britain’s top surgeons for breast cancer reconstruction surgery – as voted by the specialists themselves. The Daily Mail canvassed 50 leading breast cancer and reconstructive surgeons within Britain and asked them to rate the top practitioners, their peers, based on the questions: “If your nearest and dearest were to be diagnosed with breast cancer, […]

Mr Paul Harris was voted among the best surgeons in the country – “The plastic surgeon other surgeons use for their families” as quoted by one GP of Paul Harris.

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